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How do you drive an audience to a desired (behavioural) change? With motivational design & gamification! For this pitch for the municipality of Utrecht, I conceived the solution with a behavioural design-driven concept. (Finalist Project IRIS Challenge 2019, funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020.)

The problem
The Municipality of Utrecht was looking for a scalable (and affordable) solution that would help low-income household gain awareness on their power consumption and as a result, reducing their energy bills.

The Solution
Sustained (behavioural) change does not solely lie in developing a tool, but in understanding human behaviour. For this project, I dove into the behavioural design and blended it with the user/customer funnel often used in marketing psychology. By genuinely ‘getting’ the problem, you can come up with a fitting solution.

The process
Through previously conducted research and desk research, I narrowed down the main problem, which was the confusion from the user’s perspective. From interviews, it was clear that the electricity bills were intimidating. It was critical to empower the users, so the main driver of the concept to consider a behavioural approach to shift the mindset of the users.

I developed a behavioural design strategy, the UX strategy, gamification mechanics and campaign mechanics to help driving the campaign.

In conceiving the mechanics of the app, I also considered the data flow of the public data provided by the public bodies.

My role:
Desk Research
Behavioural strategy
Concept development
UX strategy
Gamification mechanics
Campaign mechanics

Elaboration of this pitch/ pitch deck available on request.

  • ClientPitch Gemeente Utrecht
  • DateFebruary 3, 2021
  • CategoryDesign Strategy