Hello, I am Jenny Kan.
Creative Strategist & UX Lead

I am a seasoned Creative Strategist with hands on design skills with 12+ years experience within design & innovation, born and bred in Amsterdam.
What sets me apart is that I can combine strategic thinking with handson design skills, both UX & UI. This enables me to come up with integrated, holistic concepts. Over the years I have accumulated strong concepting-, User Experience & Design skills, as well as experience with Design Thinking methodologies, prototyping, coaching & managing cross-disciplinary teams.

I have successfully helped companies in re-imagining their product experience; ranging from brand strategies to UX strategies, to applying behavioural principles to achieve exponential growth.

I am currently finishing my Executive Master in Business Management (June 2021) and I am writing my thesis on the user adoption of AI, as completion of my Masters.

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I am passionate about reimagining new services and products of tomorrow. Keen to explore the business value of Artificial Intelligence.

Methodologies & frameworks

I have complimented the Design Thinking Model with additional angles to enrich the ideation/ design phase. These angles are technical, brand, design, growth and behavioural . Depending on the context, the most pressing angle can be added to the mix to enhance/enrich the ideation phase.

By thoroughly understanding the problem space, together with the clients and the users, we co-create a solution that really removes the friction and adds delight to the user-/customer-/ brand experience.


Service &
UX Design




A selection of brands I worked for.